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Sri Lanka is an island renowned for its beautiful gems and therefore no city that doesn’t deserve it will be named The City of Gems in this island. Ratnapura deserves it well as it is the main location that Sri Lankan gem world is based. But Ratnapura is famous for many other things among travelers as well. It is located some 100km South East to the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo. Both Sinharaja Forest and the Adam’s Peak are reached easily across Ratnapura. Maha Saman Devalaya, Diva Guhawa and Peter Paul Church are few of the places that are routinely visited in this city.

Diva Guhawa is a place mentioned in Sri Lankan history book or the chronicle of Sri Lankan history Mahawamsa. According to that Lord Buddha took rest in these caves on the way to Adam’s Peak. Adam’s Peak is one of the most visited places in Sri Lanka. There are several ways to approach the mountain of sacredness. But two paths running across hill country and Ratnapura take the preference. It is a place many enjoy an overnight hike and the scenery of glowing sun in the morning at the mountain top.

Sinharaja Rain Forest is one of the oldest forests in whole world. It had a substantial covering few centuries ago and now only a part is remaining. It’s known for being one of the most biodiversity rich niches in whole world. Swarming with bird life, with many endemic species and flooded with diverse flora and fauna Sinharaja is named a UNESCO world heritage site and a biosphere reserve.





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