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Polonnaruwa is currently the capital of North Central Province. But it is famous a lot more for being the 2nd largest kingdom of Sri Lanka after the Anuradhapura and for the rich monument collection it has preserved from the sands of time. The city and the ancient remains are located some 216km from Colombo and takes about 3-4 hours on road. The city is currently declared as a UNESCO world heritage site and the remains are well preserved and maintained for public demonstration.

The chief locations of the interest in the city are Nissanka Latha Mandapaya, Lankathilaka Temple, Thuparamaya, Medirigiriya Watadageya, Gal Viharaya (Rock Temple) and Sathmahal Prasadaya. But there are many other places to visit in this well planned archeological relic site. Lankathilaka Temple is one great place to visit and serve your eyes. Impressive 16 meter tall walls are rich with Polonnaruwa era’s carvings and the architectural magnificence of this place will remind you the ability of humans to be so creative.

There is a damaged Buddha statue inside and many wonder the beauty of the place when it was built in those old days. Gal Viharaya is another wonderful place to set the foot. There are four giant statues of Lord of Buddha carved out of the lifeless rock surface giving them an astute look that is never matched by any other. The giant 46 feet reclining Buddha draws the main attention. These statues had inspired the Sri Lankan statue culture for centuries and still they have a really precious place among the Sri Lankan Buddha Statues. Minneriya and Kaudulla National Parks are good places to visit and see the wildlife throughout the year. Elephants are abundant in this zone and these parks are well recognized among locals as well as foreigners for watching elephants in their natural habitats.






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