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Negombo is the fifth largest city of Sri Lanka and a part of Western Province. Negombo is better known for its fish markets and fishing culture. The city is just 7km away from the Bandaranayaka International Airport and the area is rich with modest beaches all around. The beach is considered a safe zone and you will enjoy the time in this nearby area if you reside in Colombo for few days of arrival. Anyhow Negombo also has a Dutch fort as in Galle. But Negombo Dutch Fort is not big as that and the remains still bring memories of the old day with 1678 carved to its entrance.

There is an Esplanade that’s famous for cricket matches. Sri Lanka is an island and does not hold much of a name for canals. But Dutch dug few canals that extend from Negombo to Colombo and Puttalam. Cycling along the adjacent roads along the banks of these Negombo Dutch Canals is much enjoyed by visitors while watching the nearby village life. Negombo is famous for its fish and you will be able to see some of the activity if you manage to save some time for the beach. Fish catching and drying is going in the nearby area. Negombo also has some old churches. St’ Mary’s Church is certainly one of the places you must visit f you are interested.






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