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Matale or Mathale is the capital of Matale district in Central Province of Sri Lanka. It is located 142km from Colombo and 26km away from Kandy.  Matale is best known for its great mountain range called Knuckles. Knuckles Mountain Range is regarded highly as one of the most beautiful in Sri Lanka. Matale is a cool and sparklingly beautiful area. It has many places that can please your eyes as well. But it is much more popular among tourists for hiking and trekking along the hill tops of Knuckles Mountain range in surrounding area.

Ambokka Misty Mountain that is covered with mist all around the day and hikers love to pay a visit to this calm and cold mountain. It is places some 1159m higher than the sea level. Astonishing Riverston and Seven waterfalls can invariable bring you for the second time to this beautiful hill country. These waterfalls are frequently visited and they are rather easily approached compared to other hiking experiences as it is located more close to the main roads.

Aluvihare temple is also regarded as an important place in the Buddhists hearts as it is the place where the first Pali canon was written. This is another cave temple and there are some precious frescoes in nearby cave monasteries too. Aluvihare temple is a must visit place should your trip plans run across Matale. Also Matale is famous for the national heroes in Weera Puran Appu and Gongale Godabanda who fought the British rulers in the days Sri Lanka were commanded by England.








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