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Kegalle is a town located some 78km away from Colombo in the Sabaragamuwa Province. The town is the capital of Kegalle district and the surrounding is pleasant and calm to any eye. The area is known for its rubber cultivations and precious stones as well as graphite production. The area is well recognized for its Elephant orphanage in Pinnawala. Other places are not well known to attract any tourists. But there are few important and interesting places in the Kegalle map that may worth a visit. Pinnawala Elephanat Orphanage is located some 14km North of Kegalle town. It is well known among locals for the gigantic herds of elephants living there.

It was started as a captive breeding ground by the Department of Wild Life in Sri Lanka in 1975. Initially there were few other places built in the country for this purpose but later they were abandoned and the elephants were brought here to nurture them. Even though the original idea was to help the young elephants who lost their parents and to release them to wild once grown strong enough, now there are some older ones in the place as well. Also there is some inbreeding in the orphanage already. Visitors are allowed to see and feed elephants in the morning and the evening. In both this times, elephants are brought to the river to have a bath and many who had visited appreciate that breathtaking view of giants on planet earth bathing in front of you.

Near Kegalle city there is a forest called Kurulu Kale (Bird Forest). It is known among bird watchers as a place to see both local and immigrant birds in flocks. Some of these are rare to see elsewhere. Suthikara Dagoba is a stupa built on the place where Great Sri Lankan King of Polonnaruwa era, King Parakramabhahu was born. People who love to see ruins and the museum there finds it interesting.





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