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Kandy is the capital of mountainous central part of Sri Lanka. It is one of the most loved travelling destinations among the local and foreign travelers. Cool breeze brimming around neck, dazzling flowers lightening eyes and astonishing views of green topped mountains bring the ultimate feeling of being in a paradise. Kandy city is home to Sri Lanka’s most precious jewel in Sri Dalada Maligawa (Temple of Tooth Relic). It enshrines the tooth relic of Lord Buddha and thus was considered the symbol of ownership of the island. The temple of Tooth relic is located in the old royal palace complex. Architectural masterpieces in this building complex have defied the visitors’ minds for centuries since they were built. Every year there is a perahera, a perade of dancers, elephants and musicians in brilliantly decorated dresses in Kandy. The perahera season is a real jubilation and brings life to Kandy. Millions join to see this wonderful scene and Kandy is a crowded city in this Kandy Perahera season.

Spice Grove and many spice gardens are there for those who love them. Various spices are cultivated in these places for your view and you can by fresh spices from the local sellers in these gardens. Some of them harbor really rare plants and some cultivation of herbal plants as well. Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is another place worth paying a visit. Thousands of flowers and beautiful trees planted in spacious surroundings bring a pleasant experience to all the nature lovers. Kandy city is approached via train or bus in traditional roads that runs along the most glorious views of central hills. Now there are facilities to lift you via air from Colombo as well.




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