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Kalutara is the most southern part of Western province. This scenic city of colors waits for you on the Galle road some 40km South of Colombo city limits. The city is one of the beautiful coastal cities of Sri Lanka and the area is rich with tourist facilities and hotels. The blue waters of sea, beautifully planned bridges running over the giant water streams flowing toward sea is a common sight in Kalutara. Kalutara beach and the nearby Wadduwa beach are frequently visited by beach lovers.

These beaches are calm and quiet. So it is a relaxing place to spend your evening. In the middle of the city there is the most worshipped Bo Tree in the area, the Kaluthara Bodhiya. It is a branch of the Sri Maha Bodi tree in Anuradhapura and hence Buddhists love to pay tribute every time they can. There are few interesting places to visit around Kautara other than the beautiful beaches. Richmond Castle is a place for archeology lovers. The building in standing in a 14 acre fruit land and it was built in 1896. It brings a mixed architectural view as it is a blend of both British and Indian building styles. Also there are few other special things about Kalutara such as mango teens which are the best in the mango season of June. Many foreigners love this fruit and mango teens are best cultivated around this area in the country. There is a basket center in Kalutara and this village produces some of the finest baskets and may worth a visit if you love them.






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